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  • Box Stall Drinker

    Heated Box Stall Water For corner installations in box stalls.

  • Mineral Feeder

    Your time is too valuable to spend it- "messin' with a mineral feeder"
    You've experienced it all - rotating feeders that don't quite rotate, welded legs that come unwelded, rubber flaps that disintegrate with little use, frozen bearings and feeders frozen in the ground. Our Brower - tuff mineral feeder is easily moved from pasture to pasture. Our mineral feeder is easily used by animals, protects feed & mineral and protects your time. Most any animal is attracted to this feeder and readily learns to use it. No training is necessary.
    NO EXPOSED SHEET METAL, STEEL LATTICEWORK OR STRAPS FOR YOUR ANIMALS TO GET CAUGHT ON. Solid bottom. Cheap imitations leave an exposed cavity (and leave a hole in your pocketbook).
    Molding process engineered to permit extra material to flow into center post for extra strength. Post has a 6 inch (15.2 cm) diameter base and is further supported by three partitions. Four notched flanges for easy anchoring.
    Heavy-duty 41 inch (104.1 cm) diameter flap protected by rubber disk. Before you purchase any other feeder, ask experienced users how well competitors' flaps hold up compared with Brower's flaps.
    Link pin allows flap to ride up when lifted by animal; this permits "give" and extends life of flap and feeder.
    High density polyethylene. Hindered amine light stabilizer, the most effective ultraviolet inhibitor.
    Holds three 50 lb. (22.7 kg) salt or mineral blocks. Can accommodate larger blocks up to 12 inches (30.5 cm) square. Also holds 200 lbs. (90.0 kg) of loose supplement level-full.

    1. Cows eating with their heads in the downward "natural grazing position" produced 17% more saliva than those eating from an elevated surface. Additional salivation had a direct positive influence on the efficiency of rumen function. Overall digestion was significantly enhanced.
    -From a Study by: McFarlane, I.S. 1972. Bovine behavior patterns. Livestock Breeder Journal. December, 15 (no. 12): 6.
    2. Milking cows were observed for the occurrence of feed-tossing behavior. About 10% of the cows engaged in this excessive sorting and throwing of feed. As a result of feed tossing over their backs and along their sides, feed wastage for these cows ranged up to 10 percent. When given the choice of eating from an elevated (28 cm - 11 inches) bunk versus one at ground level, the cows chose the lower level and feed tossing was not observed. The authors of this study concluded that feed sorting and throwing is an engineering problem. The solution is designing equipment which permits cattle to feed "in the natural, head-down, grazing-like position."
    -From a study by: Albright. J.L. and W.R. Stricklin, 1989. Recent developments in the provision for cattle welfare. In: C.J.C. Phillips (Ed.) New Techniques in Cattle Production. pp 149-161. Butterworths, London.

    -minimal maintenance
    -weather resistant
    -cannot tip
    -three compartments
    -the most effective ultraviolet inhibitors
    -easy anchor notches
    -economically priced
    -economical to maintain


    Model No. Approx. Capacity Overall Diameter Hopper Diameter Eating Height Overall Height Shipping Weight
    Animals Mineral/Feed
    LMF10 40 head 150 lbs. 41 Top 33" 11" 17.3" 60 lbs.

    (68.2 kg) (104.1 cm) (83.8 cm) (27.9 cm) (43.9 cm) (27.2 kg)

    200 lbs.
    Bottom 35"

    (90.9 kg)
    (88.9 cm)


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Call us at 1-800-553-1791 or you may fill out a request form to receive Pride of the Farm pricing and purchasing information.
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What's New

70 Gallon Open Trough Tank Waterer

Polar Max

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Simple Installation - can be fitted on existing pads; no heat well needed.
Attractive Design - you'll be proud to have these units in your operation.
Animal Friendly Flaps - no ball or float closures to ice.
Nature's ground water temperature does this job. POLAR-MAX® DRINKERS operate like thermos all year long.

Loaded with these PRIDE OF THE FARM® quality features
1. Stainless steel bolts and removable top afford easy access to plumbing. Optional wing bolts (Model OF403WB) are available for
grade A inspections.
2. Unique baffles guard against icing and keep valve operating under severest conditions.
3. Notched flanges for easy anchoring.
4. Achieve a quality installation with PRIDE OF THE FARM® anchor package. Order Model 383344 which contains 4 anchor bolts, 4 flat washers, 4 plates and 4 nuts, all stainless steel.
5. Weather strip and an insulated sleeve for the supply line come with each unit.
6. Simple installation - no heat well needed; use an 8-12 inch tile; can be fitted on most existing pads.
7. Sealed bottom keeps out moisture and rodents.
8. Two 2-inch drain holes for fast clean out.
9. Foam insulation between walls has an R-value of 7.14 inch.
10. Double wall DURAROCK® construction contains hindered amine light stabilizer, the most effective ultraviolet inhibitor.
11. Seamless sidewall cannot leak.
12. Tolerance to water level - you don't have to worry about summer and winter water levels. (If the water level is too high on a ball or float type closure, closures can stick.).
13. Dependable, non siphoning valve - proven and trouble free.
14. Animal friendly insulated flaps. Livestock can drink out of both flaps at the same time - not always so with a ball closure. No pulleys and cables to foul and rust.

Model No. Approximate Capacity Size Inches (cm) Valve Shipping Weight Lbs. (kg)
Animals* Water Drinking Opening Drink Height Overall Width** Overall Length Overall Height
Gallons Liters
WPM10 -An extremely rugged 2 opening unit for hogs. 100 hogs
50 sows
10 37.9 7 x 7.5 (17.8 x 19.1) 10.75 (27.3) 19" (48.3) 38" (96.5) 20" (50.8) VP124 62 (28.2)+
WPM14 - A 4 opening drinker for hogs. 200 hogs
100 sows
14 53 7 x 7.5 (17.8 x 19.1) 11" (27.9) 35" (88.9) 39" (99.1) 20" (50.8) VP124 75 (34.1)+
WPM10A - Similar to WPM10 but with flaps designed for sheep & calves 100 sheep
100 calves
10 37.9 7 x 7.5 (17.8 x 19.1) 10.75" (27.3) 19" (48.3) 38" (96.5) 20" (50.8) VP124 61 (27.7)+
WPM14A - Similar to WPM14 but flaps designed for sheep & calves 200 sheep
150 calves
14 53 7 x 7.5 (17.8 x 19.1) 11.0" (27.9) 35" (88.9) 39" (99.1) 20" (50.8) VP124 74 (33.6)+
WPM16 - single opening SUPER insulated drinker to cattle, horses, wildlife. 75 beef
30 horses
40 dairy
16 60.6 7 x 7.5 (17.8 x 19.1) 18.0" (45.7) 22.75" (57.8) 33.0" (83.8) 27.25" (69.2) VP124 68 (30.9)+
WPM20 - Our leading 2 opening drinker 150 beef
60 dairy
100 cow-calf
20 75.7 7.5 x 8 (19.1 x 20.3) 18.5" (47.0) 20" (50.8) 38" (96.5) 28" (71.1) VP124 76 (34.5)+
WPM80 - 4 opening drinker for commercial cattle feedyards and dairies. 225 beef
100 dairy
175 cow-calf
80 302.8 8 x 8.5 (20.3 x 21.6) 23.75" (60.3) 41.5" (105.4) (Drinker Side) 43.5" (105.4) (Attachment Notch Side) 34" (86.4) VP124 (2 optional) 187 (85)
WPM120 - A 6 opening drinker designed for commercial feedyards and dairies. 350 beef
150 dairy
225 cow-calf
120 454.2 7 x 8.5 (17.8 x 21.6) 22.5" (57.2) 44" (111.8) 56.5" (144) 32.3" (82.0) VP124 or 2 optional 202 (91.8)
WPM120-0 - Similar to WPM120 but without flaps. 350 beef
150 dairy
225 cow-calf
120 454.2
22.5" (57.2) 44" (144) 32.3 (82.0) 32.3 VP124 or 2 optional 202 (91.8)

+ The following units are shippable via UPS -- WPM10: 1 parcel; WPM14 : 2 parcels - 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) and 60 lbs. (27.3 kg); WPM10A : 1 parcel; WPM14A : 2 parcels - 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) and 59 lbs. (26.8 kg); WPM16 : 2 parcels - 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) and 53 lbs. (24.1 kg) and WPM20 : 2 parcels - 16 lbs. (7.3 kg) and 60 lbs. (27.3 kg).

* Capacities may vary according to weather conditions, pen size and animal size. Capacities are conservative if animals have unlimited access to water and if about 40 lbs. (18.2 kg) of water pressure are maintained. If in doubt, get a recommendation from your extension agent or other qualified individual. We do not warrant that the capacities shown will apply to your operation.

** Overall dimensions are shown including flap overhang.


Warning - Not all energy free waterers are energy free.

We were puzzled. After introducing our energy free drinkers using principles which have been applied since 1952 (or before), * the marketplace has had the misfortune of the introduction of units which had us shaking our heads in disbelief. The dominant principle we believe in is:

The most significant feature which prevents freezing is CAPACITY. Energy free drinkers receive their heat from the water stored in the drinker itself. The more water capacity, the better.

Competitors have introduced models which have a lot less capacity than ours, and further recommend an electrical line addition - "for possible future use" or for "a boost." COME ON! THAT'S JUST LIKE SELLING SNAKE OIL.. You buy an energy free drinker to avoid having to fool with any electricity whatsoever.

We purchased four competing units and here's what we found.

Manufacturer Model No. Water Capacity Weight Square Inches of Opening
Available for Waterline Hookup
(Klein or Bohlman, also)
KH2 or WH2 5.2 gallons 55 lbs. 4
Mirafount (Pax, also) 3310 6.0 gallons 50 lbs. 32
Ritchie HG2 2.9 gallons 44 lbs. 55
Freedom Fount FF2H 7.0 gallons 47 lbs. 6
Polar-Max WPM10 10.0 gallons 62 lbs. 234

We hired an independent engineering firm to test the above five units and here's what was found. The five units were placed in a cold chamber simultaneously. Under the exact same conditions (a temperature of about 4 degrees), no drinking activity, no wind chill, initial water temperature of 56 degrees):

Manufacturer Model No. Observation Our Conclusions
Polar-Max WPM10 has:
(Klein or Bohlman, also)


After 25 hrs., one drink opening was inoperative. After 37 hrs., both drink openings and the valve chamber were inoperative.

81% more freeze resistance
92% more capacity
13% more weight

Mirafount (Pax, also) 3310 After 37 hrs., one drink opening and the valve chamber were inoperative. After 49 hrs., both drink openings and the valve chamber were inoperative. 37% more freeze resistance
67% more capacity
24% more weight
Ritchie HG2 After 25 hrs., one drink opening and the valve chamber were inoperative. After 37 hrs., both drink openings and the valve chamber were inoperative. 81% more freeze resistance
245% more capacity
41% more weight
Freedom Fount FF2H After 25 hrs., one drink opening was inoperative. After 37 hrs., both drink openings and the valve chamber were inoperative. 81% more freeze resistance
43% more capacity
32% more weight
Polar-Max WPM10 After 37 hrs., one drink opening was
inoperative. At 49 hrs., one drink opening and the valve chamber were still operative. At 67 hrs., the valve chamber became inoperative.


The past few winters have been relatively mild. This weather pattern has tended to mask the relative lack of freeze resistance in competitive units. Add a boost where recommended? Yeah, you should because you're going to need it eventually. Our units may cost a bit more but one freeze up will cost you a lot more. One extra trip to town will cost you at least the difference.

Polar-Max WPM10- No wires attached, no strings attached!

* We'll also be glad to send you an affidavit proving we've been at it since 1952.

Unconditional Warranty

We unconditionally warrant that our two-hole hog drinker, Model WPM10, has more freeze resistance than any other two-hole hog waterer on the market as specified above and as discussed in the engineer's report entitled "Energy Free Drinker. Report of Comparative Test. Criteria, Methods and Conclusions."

We would be happy to loan the above models to anyone who wants to conduct their own test. We would be happy to furnish a copy of the engineer's report.

You can't change the laws of physics

More capacity - More Heat!

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