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  • Box Stall Drinker

    Heated Box Stall Water For corner installations in box stalls.

  • Mineral Feeder

    Your time is too valuable to spend it- "messin' with a mineral feeder"
    You've experienced it all - rotating feeders that don't quite rotate, welded legs that come unwelded, rubber flaps that disintegrate with little use, frozen bearings and feeders frozen in the ground. Our Brower - tuff mineral feeder is easily moved from pasture to pasture. Our mineral feeder is easily used by animals, protects feed & mineral and protects your time. Most any animal is attracted to this feeder and readily learns to use it. No training is necessary.
    NO EXPOSED SHEET METAL, STEEL LATTICEWORK OR STRAPS FOR YOUR ANIMALS TO GET CAUGHT ON. Solid bottom. Cheap imitations leave an exposed cavity (and leave a hole in your pocketbook).
    Molding process engineered to permit extra material to flow into center post for extra strength. Post has a 6 inch (15.2 cm) diameter base and is further supported by three partitions. Four notched flanges for easy anchoring.
    Heavy-duty 41 inch (104.1 cm) diameter flap protected by rubber disk. Before you purchase any other feeder, ask experienced users how well competitors' flaps hold up compared with Brower's flaps.
    Link pin allows flap to ride up when lifted by animal; this permits "give" and extends life of flap and feeder.
    High density polyethylene. Hindered amine light stabilizer, the most effective ultraviolet inhibitor.
    Holds three 50 lb. (22.7 kg) salt or mineral blocks. Can accommodate larger blocks up to 12 inches (30.5 cm) square. Also holds 200 lbs. (90.0 kg) of loose supplement level-full.

    1. Cows eating with their heads in the downward "natural grazing position" produced 17% more saliva than those eating from an elevated surface. Additional salivation had a direct positive influence on the efficiency of rumen function. Overall digestion was significantly enhanced.
    -From a Study by: McFarlane, I.S. 1972. Bovine behavior patterns. Livestock Breeder Journal. December, 15 (no. 12): 6.
    2. Milking cows were observed for the occurrence of feed-tossing behavior. About 10% of the cows engaged in this excessive sorting and throwing of feed. As a result of feed tossing over their backs and along their sides, feed wastage for these cows ranged up to 10 percent. When given the choice of eating from an elevated (28 cm - 11 inches) bunk versus one at ground level, the cows chose the lower level and feed tossing was not observed. The authors of this study concluded that feed sorting and throwing is an engineering problem. The solution is designing equipment which permits cattle to feed "in the natural, head-down, grazing-like position."
    -From a study by: Albright. J.L. and W.R. Stricklin, 1989. Recent developments in the provision for cattle welfare. In: C.J.C. Phillips (Ed.) New Techniques in Cattle Production. pp 149-161. Butterworths, London.

    -minimal maintenance
    -weather resistant
    -cannot tip
    -three compartments
    -the most effective ultraviolet inhibitors
    -easy anchor notches
    -economically priced
    -economical to maintain


    Model No. Approx. Capacity Overall Diameter Hopper Diameter Eating Height Overall Height Shipping Weight
    Animals Mineral/Feed
    LMF10 40 head 150 lbs. 41 Top 33" 11" 17.3" 60 lbs.

    (68.2 kg) (104.1 cm) (83.8 cm) (27.9 cm) (43.9 cm) (27.2 kg)

    200 lbs.
    Bottom 35"

    (90.9 kg)
    (88.9 cm)


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70 Gallon Open Trough Tank Waterer

Creep Feeder

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Creep Feeder

Compare our feeder side by side

PIG CREEP FEEDER Come Out Of The Corner And Save Pigs, Save Time, Save Feed.

Our design allows our creep feeder to be placed in the center or your creep area. The feeder is more noticeable than those mounted in a corner giving all piglets a faster start. Feeders mounted along a partition or in the corner discourage poor doers from fighting for their place at the trough. Our feeder has up to 3 times the linear trough space compared with rectangular, hide in the corner feeders. Our creep feeder is readily cleaned with no feed slides or crevices to hide pathogens. Polypropylene body, stainless steel pegs - no corrosion. Our feeder is easy to fill with up to twice the square inches of fill openings of competing units. No springs, wing nuts, or moving parts. Nothing to maintain. Hit with a high pressure washer and invert. There's no contending with mounting brackets. Move feeder from creep area to your pre-nursery on use in a comfort stall setup. The combination of the 2.5 inch (6.4 cm) lip and 2 stainless steel pegs practically eliminates our feeder being tipped over by piglets. Our 3 inch (7.6 cm) high wall keeps feed in the bowl and inhibits rooting activity.


Keep feed fresh. Stale feed will not be consumed. Feed wastage will be kept to a minimum by initially filling our feeder with as little as 1/4 cup per feeding. Gradually increase the amount fed as required. This feeder can also be used to reduce stress during the transition from farrowing to nursery. A smooth transition is aided by moving our feeder along with the pigs from the farrowing facility to the nursery and placing our feeder next to your nursery feeder. Our feeder should be removed from the nursery pen 3 to 5 days after weaning.

Selected number one among 14 competitive creep feeders in on-farm trial, as reported in Successful Farming Magazine. Article had the following to say:
Ratings (5 being the best)


Discussion: "Feeder easy to place in crate. Pigs went right to this feeder. Two steel pins screw into the bottom to keep the feeder where you put it. Very little feed waste. High sides let pigs in, but feed can't be rooted out. Pigs need to root around in the feed before they learn they can eat it. My favorite feeder and I would purchase more of these."

Compare our Feeder Side by Side



Model No. Capacity Overall Diameter Bowl Diameter Eating Height Overall Height Shipping Weight
FPCR1 2.2 lbs. (1 kg) 14" (35.6 cm) 8" (20.3 cm) 3" (7.6 cm) 3.5" (8.9 cm) 33 lbs. (15 kg) per 8 pack

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